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Modasutra is for the modern Indian woman. She is contemporary yet upholds tradition. 


Modasutra was born out of a necessity to provide stylish mangalsutra designs to the modern Indian woman. 


Whilst shopping for her own wedding, designer and founder Prerna Karnani Rajan, couldn't find a mangalsutra that fit her style - simple, trendy and chic. So, taking matters into her own hands, she decided to design a range of minimal yet fashionable and affordable mangalsutras. With a Masters in International Business and experience working with major fashion, jewellery and accessories wholesalers and retailers in Australia, she has now setup this entrepreneurial venture with the hope of providing like-minded women in India and around the world more wearable and versatile options to declare their commitment of love.


All our products are carefully handmade in India.

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